Welcome to A+ Therapy.

We offer a compassionate and effective therapy approach for children with physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy challenges. Located in the city of Weston, our team has over 40 years of combined experience working with the medical and the emotional needs of the precious children that come to our clinic. Our staff has NeuroDevelopmental Training and extensive experience in pediatric therapies. Our purpose is to enable children to overcome their difficulties in a positive and caring atmosphere, while supporting and encouraging their parents.



Physical Therapy

Our orthopedic and neurological team will provide one-on-one services to inspire functional stretching, strengthening, coordination and balance.

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Occupational Therapy

Thrive in the areas of self-control, using your hands for fine motor activities from creating a sculpture to playing board games to handling coins. 

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Psychology Services

Bring serenity back into your life after a tumultuous storm caused by stress produced by academics, parenting and professional and personal life.

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Speech Therapy

Improve self-esteem by learning proper vocal sounds, increasing vocabulary, enhancing fluency during pre-socialization from preschool to 1-12th grades

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Military Services

We provide our therapy services and offer a family friendly environment to Tricare Humana military Southern Command members. 

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